Monferrato Wedding

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Among our proposals, you will find a vast range of different locations which includes ancient castles, villas, palaces, huge outdoor places in order to surprise your guests with something really suggestive, as well as typical country structures able to satisfy any budget and any demand, also perfectly adjustable to the style chosen for your wedding.

The estate, now only partially used as a restaurant, is located in a strategic position quite high, thus enjoying a wonderful view either on the plan of Alessandria and towards the beautiful hills of Monferrato, as well as reaching the Alps with their magnificent snow-capped peaks.
The history of the 19th Century is closely linked to the villa as His Majesty Vittorio Emanuele II placed his head quarters before facing the Austrians on the Ticino. The chronicles of the time tell that the episode left indelible marks of the meetings and events related to the Savoy Army presence, until the appointment by the King of the Barony of the Pona.
During that time His Majesty stayed in the villa, now partially renewed. In memory of the event there are still a marble plague and some other relics.

In the 15th century, the Paleologi Marquis of Monferrato, lords of much of Piedmontese territory, decided to erect as their dwelling the present Palace. Nowadays you will enjoy that choice by staying in a context truly rich in history and charm.
At one hour from Milan, Turin and Genoa and a half-hour from Alessandria, Casale and Valenza, the rooms and vacation apartments, the Palazzo Paleologi restaurant, were designed to recreate the historical dwelling of Monferrato with a careful renovation designed in collaboration with the Office of Monuments and Fine Arts in Turin.
Completed with the utmost care, the historical residence has kept intact the original typologies and materials as much as possible, thanks to the use of methodologies attentive to the environment and to the well-being of the guests. Where possible, the dictates of bio-architecture were followed, with the use of natural plasters based on lime, water-based paints, and treatments of brickwork and parquet derived from natural products.
Today the philosophy of the historic Palazzo Paleologi is Slow Living: The slow life, to rediscover the rhythms of the past and the charm of Piedmont traditions in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, ideal for those who are looking for a sensorial venue, in contact with the true life of a town, for an experience to remember.

At the gates of Monferrato, on the first hill a few kilometers far from the city of Valenza, there is Cascina San Giorgio, a huge country house of late 19th Century recently restored, which has preserved the unique style of the classical Piedmontese farmhouses. Wood, bricks, Luserna Stone, give the villa an antique flavour that contrasts with its simple and minimal decoration.
The property is located in the middle of an orchard-garden completely fenced, that stretches for about four hectares of land.
Cascina San Giorgio is the ideal place to have a relaxing break close to nature or to celebrate your best moments surrounded by a rural setting.